Sure Alassio sea and the sea was born, grew and flourished: splendid 3 km of beach with fine sand and clean and does not have equals in Italy.

According to legend Alassio born thanks to the daughter of Emperor Otto I, Adelasia, since here she found happiness and love with Aleramo. Historically, it was not founded by the Benedictines, the Catalans, the Saracens nor the Spanish coral, but it was born of pre-existing groups of Ligurians who settled first in the Region Monti (St. Anne) and then to Castè of the Madonna delle Grazie. Yet today there are disputes about the origins of the name: Adelasia-Alasia, from Tirasso (Rasso-Arassi), from Arasse (River of ‘Asia Minor), from Arasse (bass) to assem (at the shipyard), from Salacia (goddess sea).

He was founded near 1000 aC and lived for six centuries of fishing, orchards and poverty; then the shipbuilding industry and maritime trade flourished throughout the Mediterranean. The Alassini, with Laiguegliesi, were always among the most coveted sailors from Genoa and Marseilles. Its golden century was between 600 and 700, then Napoleon and the French troops destroyed the prosperity of our countries. He returned to the ancient and laborious poverty, as long as the many English settlers, returned from the Far East, chose Alassio as normal residences for the mild climate (even in winter) for the healthiness of its air and the beautiful Gulf. Many fine villas remain on the hills that surround the city and defend it from the cold north winds.

So at the end of  ‘800 started the touristic and bathing activities that still competes for the sunny days and the temperature, even with the best resorts in Southern Italy.